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 “When I think about that team, I can say I was truly blessed and encouraged by playing on that team. For me it was about brotherhood and I couldn't ask for a better group of guys. We are all connected for life from that team. That was something I looked forward to not just to play football but to fellowship with the guys. That team was special and the guys that were on that team blended together very well. I would definitely play again with a team like that.”

Jerrold Jackson, Former College Teammate & Member of the WOTIM Flag Football Team


“Being invited to participate in the WOTIM flag football team provided me an outlet to build community after playing my final baseball game. The fellowship brought new meaning to life after baseball and reunited me with family and friends. I also didn’t realize it would bring me into a relationship with Jesus Christ. To know Vance, is to know a servant. His heart for community and approach to intersect sports and faith is a testament to his love for the kingdom.“

Bookie Gates, Founder of Baseball Beyond Borders & Former Member of the WOTIM Flag Football Team


“While playing flag football it felt great to be part of a team again after not playing team sport since high school. It also produced friendships that have lasted to this date. During my time playing I also led the team in prayer prior to games starting. That was my first time praying in front of others and out loud and has helped me lead my little league team in prayer now prior to every game starting.”

Matthew Wayman, President of the Rainier Ravens Youth Football & Former Member of the WOTIM Flag Football Team

"I remember going to the flag football games with my father was one of my favorite things to do as a young kid. I remember begging my mom and dad every Sunday night after I finished my homework to go to the stadium. Their bond was unique under the servitude of Christ and it brought a lot of young men to our church. Watching my father lead these men into battle every Sunday showed me the meaning of brotherhood and the strength in community."

Leland Adams, Student at UW Tacoma who observed WOTIM Flag Football Team as a small child


“It was a true joy assisting Vance with the men's open court at the rec center. His providing a positive space for men of all ages to fellowship and enjoy the game of basketball was inspiring.”

Michael Faciane, Co-Lead of Friday Night Hoops Basketball

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